Hi! My name is Ruth Olivares, licensed massage therapist, and owner of Ruthie O. Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness. I became intrigued by massage therapy after years as a high caliber athlete. I ended my 20-year competitive, synchronized swimming life on a high note by living in this intense training bubble in California training 4.5 hours a day, 6 days a week with Olympic coaches. I then moved back to New York to pursue my massage therapy career. In 2007, I became licensed and began working at a Chiropractic office. Gaining this experience with massage from a medical standpoint strengthened my passion for helping people.

As I worked on more people, I was intuitively led to obtaining other certifications in personal training and yoga as well as a master's degree in mental health counseling. While in my last semester, I was also introduced to dōTERRA essential oils and knew I had found the missing link in the holistic care approach.

When I became pregnant with my firstborn son Josiah, the utilization of massage therapy, yoga, and essential oils became a lifeline for me. I conceived my son while in yoga teacher training and worked with a great group of fellow massage therapists who gave me regular prenatal massages; the oils helped manage the few symptoms I did experience. It was life-changing to me to be able to utilize these natural means while my body experienced so many changes throughout pregnancy.

Such natural wellness interventions kept me extremely healthy and gave me the confidence to opt for a home birth, which truly was the most amazing experience. The opportunity to feel the entire process, taking each step in a way that felt right in my body was incredibly empowering. I had the strength and alignment from practicing yoga, minimal body soreness from regular massages, and my oil arsenal drastically decreased the intensity of the contractions; helping me to relax through the pain.

I know people say no 2 pregnancies are the same but, wow, was my second pregnancy so much harder. I acquired horribly, unpredictable allergies with anaphylactic reactions as well as asthma and diastasis recti. I realized the balance of natural wellness and the level of support was very different than my first pregnancy. I started out with a poor diet, maybe got 2 massages during my entire second pregnancy, barely practiced yoga or any form of exercise, and did not have a steady routine with the essential oils.

I also realized what had shifted was the lack of support or focus on myself postpartum. After my first delivery, it felt as if no one cared about me. Of course, I had my husband and mother to help with my son, but the attention was on him, understandably so. My body hurt from countless hours trying to breastfeed in awkward positions, I was exhausted, and felt like I was constantly trying to gain my footing on a slippery slope of this new role of mother. So when I conceived my daughter, I was already in a new routine of “all about Josiah” and my body paid the price for it. This is exactly what I do not want to happen to you.

I feel a strong connection to young moms and a deep purpose to support you after birth. There is no magic formula for adapting to motherhood; however, the opportunity to be cared for while regaining your new normal is profoundly healing on all levels. I look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you on your journey to balancing your life and motherhood!